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Ask for referrals!!!

Asking for referrals, sourced from Practice Builders

Did you ever wonder why some Healthcare Practitioners only get 10% of their new patients from patient referrals, while others get as many as 70%? Probably the biggest reason is they let their existing patients know they like to get patient referrals – that means they consistently “ask” them for referrals

Me, ask for referrals? I don’t think so – I’d look needy, greedy, even sleazy! Well, if that’s the reason you don’t ask for referrals, I suggest you change your thought patterns. Think more in terms of “helping” your patients’ friends to prevent them from developing problems. Isn’t that what you really do?

Develop one or two “scripts” that you feel comfortable with and practice delivering them. Here’s an example of a general script you can adapt:

“Well, I’ve checked for skin cancer and you’re in good shape – nothing to worry about. But, you know, some people go 2 or 3 years without a comprehensive check up, sometimes resulting in very serious problems which could have been prevented had the condition been identified in the early stages.

So, if you have any friends who are putting their health at risk by not having annual checks, please send them along to me and I’ll check them out…. OK?

(And for those brave hearts amongst you) Here, let me give you one of my brochures you can pass along to them”

Or if you are treating a specific condition (for example) patient:

“You know, so many people in this area suffer from skin cancer because they don’t know that it is so easily treated if caught early. So, if you know anyone you think may have skin cancer, please get them call me so we can help them with it, just like we did with you…. OK?”

Need an incentive to do it? How about adding 10% to your revenues every year with the additional patient referrals you can generate. Maybe worth making the effort, huh?

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Skin Cancer Job Opportunities in Australia

Southern Sun Skin Cancer Clinics, based throughout NSW, Australia is always on the look-out for great GP’s experienced in skin cancer practice or willing to learn skin cancer practice. Full training provided if long-term commitment given. Contact Dr Ian Katz:

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