More evidence about aspirin and melanoma risk reduction

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There has been a huge amount of news about this in the last week, eg:


Notice in the first link they say, not enough evidence to recommend yet but in the second link the dermatologist would recommend if there were no contra-indications





  1. #1 by Luke Bookallil on March 18, 2013 - 3:44 am

    Thanks Ian, the evidence for aspirin preventing many types of cancer, especialy GIT, is very strong if used for5 years at 300mg per day. It is so strong (i have just got my hands on the review article) that I am trying to work out why I don’t take aspirin daily. The figures are much better at 300mg than 100mg. Once I have read the article entirely I will make a decision. The repitition of melanoma evidence just adds to aspirin argument strength. Luke

  2. #2 by Hein Vandenbergh on March 18, 2013 - 9:40 am

    20% reduction, but many variables…… Interesting article, possibly adding to the weight of evidence that willow bark is good for you.

    There were some reservations expressed a couple of years ago about bleeding deaths caused by aspirin, in a cardiovascular setting.

    Is 300 mgm really better than 100 mgm? Taking into account side-effects?

    Also, a lot of people still take it when they go on a long plane ride – but that is bunkum: its anticoag effect is ONLY present on the arterial side of the circulation. More is required on the venous side, due to a different initiation of the coag cascade [intimal injury].

    Still, worth a thought, but I’d like to see the P-values for this study, precisely because there are so many variables. You’d think NSAIDs would do the same, related as they are – and with similar allergy profiles quite often. If the postulate is that it is the anti-inflammatory effect, that’s probably wrong, then.

    Thank you, Ian.

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